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TTL offers Bloodhound E-nose Technology

Working with T&D Technology, TTL has obtained access to the Bloodhound Electronic Nose technology and is now able to offer R&D capabilities in e-nose feasibility projects, development of new volatile chemical sensors technology and access to e-nose instrumentation. more

ELISHA Systems Ltd_New biosensors will detect anything

ELISHA Syatems Ltd, the SME created from the ELISHA project funded by the EU is developing biosensors based on antibodies. The ability to create antibodies that recognise virtually any target analyte makes it possible to detect almost anything. more

FP7 - TTL as Your Exploitation Partner

FP7 proposals will be evaluated on 3 areas: Science, Management and Impact/Exploitation.
TTL has a track record of exploitation of EU project results and is available for your EU project as the exploitation partner, to deliver your project results for EU impact. more

ELISHA Technology Measures Cancer and Stroke Markers..

The ELISHA Project has successfully produced an immunosensor platform that has been shown to measure prostate cancer biomarkers in a simple, rapid assay format. The flexibility of the platform has also allowed the detection of two trauma biomarkers that can be used for confirmation of stoke, ischaemia or heart attack. The platform is available for commercial exploitation. Please contact us for more details. more

Novel Technology Available........

New technology in biosensors, medical diagnosis and in specialised functional polymers has become available through dedicated R&D opportunities. more

Technology Audits from a Scientific Perspective

TTL launches a technology audit service with a difference. more

TTL partners in major new EU Nanotechnology Grant

ELISHA - a major Grant in the new EU FP6 programme was started on 1st Jan 2004. TTL is a full partner and Dr Tim Gibson has been appointed as project manager. more

ELISHA Systems Ltd Biosensors 2010 Poster Available

ELISHA Systems Ltd presented a poster at the recent World Congress on Biosensors 2010 held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. more