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Commercialisation of Entrepreneurial Ideas

Technology Translators Ltd. (TTL), is a company that has been formed to facilitate the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas from the concept or revelation stage, through intermediate stages until full expression is achieved. Usually this will be the commercialisation of research results into a new company to exploit the new knowledge or the creation of a route for wealth generation.


The concept and remit of the company has been formed from these experiences in working at interfaces, where different disciplines meet and interact. Examples of these areas can be technology and business (generally termed technology transfer) or science and music, which is much less common.


Inherent in the process of ‘birthing’ ideas into reality is the element of faith, seeing and believing in the idea and concept before it is manifest into reality. This is where TTL excels and links 22 years experience in creative faith with the solid experience of first hand entrepreneurship in business creation from an academic basis and knowledge transfer of ideas into reality. 


Access Routes to Knowledge Generation

Intimately linked with these areas is the access of knowledge. This is an area which is essential in the modern world and is a core expertise of TTL, which utilises the global knowledge base to develop business plans, access competitor information, create new databases and generally keep abreast of various fields of interest.  TTL facilitates access routes to knowledge, allowing clients competitive advantage as knowledge is provided in fields of interest.  


Technology Audits.

Assessing technology and understanding the capability of new intellectual property to be a viable business venture is increasingly difficult. The inclusion of scientific expert assistance in virtually mandatory for correct due diligance procedures. TTL approaches the scientific viability of any new technology to become a successful business venture from the technology angle and works with management and market consultants to give a balanced view from a scientific viewpoint, linked into good business practice.



With over 40 years worth of direct cumulative experience in life sciences, art and music, TTL has the capability of providing detailed consultancy in many different aspects of multidisciplinary areas.  In life sciences, especially biotechnology, diagnostics and biosensors, staff have direct experience in transferring technology from academic laboratories into the commercial world. Art and music are inherently creative and staff have a broad range of expertise to consult into different areas.