TTL wins major new nanotechnology grant

EU FP6 funding in nanotechnology has been successfully obtained in a project called ELISHA.

TTL takes the role of innovations related supplier and exploitation partner in the new nanotechnology project ELISHA.

The ELISHA project is designed to improve knowledge in molecular interfaces and enable manufacture of new sensors, by interrogating the formation and signal generation of antibodies and electroconductive surfaces.

The project is based on:

1) a proven series of experimental observations that antibody loaded electroconductive matrices give concentration dependant responses when interrogated with DC pulsed and AC impedance electronics and

2) the knowledge and belief that the project will bring breakthroughs in nanoscale interfacial electrochemistry, leading to novel generic platforms for electro-interfaced-immunosensors to be produced and commercialised. This is the primary objective of the NMP workprogramme, “to promote real breakthroughs, based on scientific and technical excellence”.

The ELISHA website is now operational on and a direct link is available on the Links page on this site.