TTL offers Bloodhound E-nose Technology


Working with T&D Technology, TTL has obtained access to the Bloodhound Electronic Nose technology and is now able to offer R&D capabilities in e-nose feasibility projects, development of new volatile chemical sensors technology and access to e-nose instrumentation.

Bloodhound is the trademark of a range of electronic nose instrumentation that was created in the 1990's out of the University of Leeds. The instrumentation has been used for rapid detection of bacteria using the volatile chemicals emitted as secondary metabolites that are responsible for the unique smells of the bacteria. In recent years the technology was developed to detect tuberculosis organisms, MRSA and C difficile. Several applications in the textiles industry were developed in 2007-2008 including anti-odour evaluation protocols for anti-odour fabrics and an anti-microbial test that was proven to demonstrate the anti-microbial properties of textile finishes in half the time of standard anti-microbial tests.

TTL has now obtained access to the testing facilties orginally available through the liquidated company, Scensive Technologies Ltd and can offer a route for anti-microbial and anti-odour testing.

In addition the development of new sensors for the detection of volatile chemicals is possible.