ELISHA Systems Ltd formed as a spin-out of EU project

ELISHA Systems Ltd. The new SME commercialising antibody sensor technology

In 2004 the ELISHA project started and 3 years later in 2007 direct detection over 15 individual analytes have been demonstrated. Cancer markers; PSA and CA125: cardiac markers; haemoglobin, myoglobin and stroke markers, S-100 protein and neuron specific enolase are included in the list of analytes detected at levels as low as picogrammes per millilitre. Haptens detected to nanogramme levels include atrazine and fluroquinoline antibiotics.
Early tests on viruses indicate that these can be detected directly using the system.

The ELISHA technology is a platform technology into which antibodies can be inserted to give a specific response. So far all antibodies that have been tested in the platform have remained active and specific for their target analytes.

A new SME, ELISHA Systems Ltd. has been launched to commercialise the technology. Patents have been filed and an exclusive world-wide license for impedimetric sensor interrogation has been successfully negotiated.

Interested parties please contact
Dr Tim Gibson or Dr Graham Johnson in the first instance.
Telephone 011924 829560
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