FP7 - TTL as Your Exploitation Partner


FP7 proposals will be evaluated on 3 areas: Science, Management and Impact/Exploitation.
TTL has a track record of exploitation of EU project results and is available for your EU project as the exploitation partner, to deliver your project results for EU impact.

The new EU framework FP7 opened for business on 22nd December 2006, issuing 42 calls with a total value of over 4 billion Euros. In this framework the evaluation process is focussed on 3 areas.
1) Scientific and Technical Content. The scientific and technical content is very important. Only the top 20% of projects will be considered for funding. This area is familier to most applicants and should pose no problems to innovative sceintists.
2) Management. The management of projects is as important as the science they contain, especially making sure that the project runs to timescales. Interdisciplinary management between the project partners being a key attribute for success.
3) Impact. This is the new area for FP7 that is as important as the first two. The definition of this area is twofold: Contribution of the project to expected impacts listed in the workprogramme and the plans for dissemination and exploitation of results.
Proposals to the EU will be evaluated equally on all 3 points and will only be funded if the thresholds are passed in all 3.

TTL is an expert in the Impact area, enabling dissmination of results and in particular the planning needed to orientate projects to exploitation of the deliverables. In addition, the staff at TTL have first hand practical experience in writing EU proposals and adding the exploitation factor into the projects from day 1. The prime example of this is ELISHA, where the application was written, managed and is now being exploited.

Please contact TTL to discuss your requirements for the Impact part of your project and assistance in management and project writing.