Technology Audits from a Scientific Perspective


TTL launches a technology audit service with a difference.

Assessing technology and understanding the capability of new intellectual property to be a viable business venture is increasingly difficult as the levels of technology become increasingly complex.

When business and management consultants are employed to undertake a viability audit of the possibility of developing a new spin-out company or to improve existing company business offers, the inclusion of at least one scientific expert is virtually mandatory for correct due diligance procedures.

TTL approaches the viability of any new technology or business offer in the opposite direction, from the technology angle first and then works with the necessary management, market and financial expertise to give a balanced and expert view.

The technology viability of any new venture needs to be sufficiently explored before any major effort is committed for the marketing, management and financial audits to be done.

The first hand experience of TTL staff and related network of academics and business consultants addresses most science and science related areas with a particular emphasis in life sciences and sensor fields.

Succesful technology audits linked with sound market analysis and management input lead to much stronger business plans and the eventual success of any new high-tech company or business offer.