Technology Translators Ltd (TTL) is a multidisciplinary company specialising in life sciences, biotechnology, art and music that has been formed to:
  Facilitate the realisation of entrepreneurial ideas from the concept stage, through intermediate stages until commercialisation is achieved.
  Provide access routes to available knowledge bases (e.g. University Research).
  Act as a consultant to industry drawing on first hand experience in life science entrepreneurship.

TTL offers Bloodhound E-nose Technology

Working with T&D Technology, TTL has obtained access to the Bloodhound Electronic Nose technology and is now able to offer R&D capabilities in e-nose feasibility projects, development of new volatile chemical sensors technology and access to e-nose instrumentation.


Dr Tim Gibson

Sensor technology is the current focus of the formation of New SME's. EU project experience targets FP7 calls.


ELISHA Systems Ltd formed as a spin-out of EU project

ELISHA Systems Ltd. The new SME commercialising antibody sensor technology